Real Estate

Based on the requirements of his clients in the hotel and airline business, Peter Bührer became involved in the real estate business as entrepreneur in the mid nineties.

In 1996, he commissioned a state of the art building in Luxembourg, the famous Airport Center to the German real estate giant RSE, Grundbesitz and Beteiligungs AG in Hamburg.

With this property and followed by the acquisition of the property at Route d’Arlon, RSE became the biggest real estate investor in Luxembourg.

In the year 2000, finalized at the end of the first quarter of 2001, Peter Bührer initiated the sale of the complete Swissôtel Hotel Group with 23 Five Star Hotels located on four continents to the famous Raffles Holdings Group in Singapore, with a transaction volume of 410 Mio. CHF.

In 2001 and 2002, after Peter extended his activities into the field of renewable energy, he commissioned in total, five wind park projects in Greece, with a total production power of 170 MW to specific investors, some at that time to one the biggest players in the European Wind energy market, P&T Technology AG in Hamburg, Germany. He still works selectively in qualified project brokering of renewable energy projects.

In the area of real estate consulting, Peter Bührer was involved in the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, where he was doing conceptional work for Spielbank, Berlin and Debis, with world class architect Renzo Piano, with DESPA, Bank in Frankfurt, the Domberger Group in Munich and many others.

Today, Peter Bührer is specializing in off-market transactions and helps make impossible transaction possible. He connects people using his worldwide crossover network.

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